Print, copy and scan from any Smart Printer in the University

Staff can now use any staff Smart Printer, there is no direct cost to the department where the Smart Printer is located.

University Smart PrinterIn June 2013, the University completed the replacement of the old Canon and Ricoh photocopiers with Smart Printers. Budgets were centralised so that most of the Smart Printing costs were paid for centrally, with the exception of paper.

Paper now included

From August 2014, the budget for paper has now also been centralised. This means that there is no direct cost to a department for printing and photocopying using a Smart printer. You can now login to a Smart Printer in any department you have access to, to release your printing, photocopy or scan your documents.

Please allow staff and postgraduate researchers from other departments to use Smart Printers located in your department when possible.

Find a Smart Printer nearby

This change helps to realise the full benefit of ‘follow me printing’, whereby you can send a document to print and can then collect it using the most convenient Smart Printer for you.


The introduction of Smart Printers also enables better monitoring of how much the devices are used for printing, copying and scanning. As this is now a centralised service, we will be analysing the usage across the University and may need to relocate Smart Printers to where they are needed most, or swap them so that the higher capacity Smart Printers are provided where there is high usage.

We will discuss any changes to Smart Printing arrangements with departments. However we have to balance the needs of the University across all departments.

Need IT help?

For more information about Smart Printers visit the Print, Copy and Scan section on the IT Help website.

Contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253 or via email at Please make urgent queries by telephone.

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