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Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016 on Fully Assured Macs

If you have a Fully Assured Mac, you should upgrade to Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac. This is the latest supported version of Office, so will ensure you receive security and feature updates, and technical support.

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Upgrade your University PC to Windows 10

Staff can request to upgrade their University PC to Windows 10, as most programs and services are now tested and available.

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Preview Windows 10 using PCs available in the Library

You can now preview Windows 10 by visiting the Student PC Areas on floor 3 of the Library. We would strongly encourage teaching staff to check your teaching software works, ready for the start of term.

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SAP and Business Objects now tested and available on Windows 10

You can now upgrade your University PC to Windows 10, if you require SAP Business Client or Business Objects, as these have now passed testing.

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Report an issue using IT Self Service

You can log an issue using IT Self Service, which will be recorded quicker, without having to phone or email the IT Services Desk.

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