Web browser policy

For security reasons, it is important that students and staff use only the available and approved browsers whilst using University PCs.

This approach was agreed by the University’s Information and Communications Technology Committee (ICTC) in March 2013. Small revisions were made in May 2014 and again in September 2016 to reflect the move to Google Chrome.

What are the key things to know?

IT Services will provide Microsoft Internet Explorer as the principal web browser plus one additional browser as part of the standard University PC.

Currently, the additional browser is Google Chrome. University web applications will only be tested and validated against the currently installed version of the principal browser.

The additional browser will be installed automatically and available on all University PCs.

Other settings

Certain options within the principal or additional browsers may be set by IT Services and not be configurable by the user. It will not be possible to install custom-developed extensions (or “add-ons”) to the additional browser except for a small number approved by IT Services. Any extensions that are installed will not be supported by IT Services.

The additional browser will be kept up to date automatically using its own built-in update mechanism. IT Services have no control over either the frequency of updates or of any changes in functionality or problems introduced by those updates. The additional browser should therefore not be relied upon for teaching purposes.

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