Use of Dropbox

Dropbox is not recommended as a storage location. After a risk assessment has been carried out by Information Assurance Services, it may be possible to use the web interface for Dropbox. However FileDrop is provided by IT Services which may be a suitable alternative.

What are the key things to know

  • A member of staff from Information Assurance Services will need to carry out a risk assessment prior to any member of University staff using Dropbox. The web interface version of Dropbox can be used if the data stored is not personal, confidential, sensitive or otherwise unsuitable for the public domain. Personal data includes anything identifying such as staff and student information.
  • The desktop version of Dropbox is unavailable on University PCs and laptops. This is due to the way Dropbox works in relation to our configuration. Dropbox stores your data locally in a folder on your PC, and syncs with this. However, information on University PCs is stored on the network rather than locally, and this causes issues with Dropbox which means it does not run properly.

Alternative to Dropbox

IT Services provides FileDrop, which allows you to share files with individuals outside of the University, as well as University staff. While it does not give you a folder you can synchronise, it does allow you to upload files and send secure links so that others can access them. This may be a suitable alternative to Dropbox.

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