University mobile phones

Conditions of use

  • Use of mobile phones must comply with Use of Computers Policy (ISP-S9)
  • Privacy is respected but usage may be examined on behalf of the University. Institutional IT usage monitoring and access policy (ISP-l6) covers information regarding monitoring of usage.
  • IT Services can make changes to your phone, such as data encryption and installation of management tools
  • Mobile phones must be used for business purposes, and only used for personal use in an emergency – see the Personal phone call policy. Failure to do so may result in the device being withdrawn.
  • University mobile phones should not be used for international or premium rate calls without prior authorisation. Where this is required, you will need to seek authorisation from your Departmental IT Contact (DITC) who will inform IT Services.
  • Mobile broadband usage outside the UK must also be authorised in advance.
  • The University reserves the right to withdraw the mobile phone at any time, or to perform a remote data wipe (for example, if a phone is lost or stolen)

If you feel that you cannot accept the Conditions of Use, please contact IT Service Desk to discuss your concerns. If these cannot be resolved, you will no longer be eligible for a University of Leicester mobile phone.

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