Staff use of personal devices for University email

As a member of staff, if you choose to connect your personal smartphone or tablet to your University email, you should read and accept the following requirements.

We are unable to waive these requirements under any circumstances and if you are unable to meet them, we recommend you use the Outlook Web App instead.

Who does this apply to?

Any member of staff connecting their personal smartphone or tablet to their University staff email account.

What are the key things to know?

  • To setup your smartphone or tablet to connect to your University email, a passcode or PIN is required and you will be unable to connect without one. In situations where a device does not prompt you to enter a passcode, or you have set up an IMAP connection, you are still required to manually set a passcode. Failure to do this will mean you are in breach of the Mobile Computing Policy (section 4.3)PDF icon.  This is the same for University owned mobile devices, and is done to protect against unauthorised access in the event that the device is lost or stolen.
  • Connecting your smartphone or tablet to your University email will enable a feature that allows a ‘remote wipe’ of all information on the device. This includes everything on the phone, including personal content such as music and photos. This option is available to select through the Options in the Outlook Web App.
  • IT Services also have the capability to remotely wipe all information on your smartphone or tablet if you have connected it to your University email. We will not use this feature except to prevent loss of University information where a serious investigation involving fraud or misconduct is underway, and will only do so at the instruction of HR and/or Information Assurance Services. Depending on the circumstances, no advance warning may be given.

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