Software purchase and installation

You can protect yourself and the University from prosecution by ensuring that you always follow the policy for purchasing and installing software.

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These policies and regulations enable the University to:

  • Ensure that all software is licensed appropriately and thus protecting the University and individuals from prosecution
  • Know what software is being used so that it can be supported and updated regularly
  • Ensure value for money, for example, by having an overview of requirements it may be possible to buy a University-wide license which could mean more features and wider access. Or there may already be a licence in place.

Who does it apply to?

Anyone with a University of Leicester IT account.

What are the key things to know?

  • All software purchases must be approved by the IT Software Manager in IT Services
  • You must not install your own software without approval
  • The University must hold copies of all licence agreements
  • IT Services can only support software that has been purchased through the University process
  • Free evaluation copies of software copy are designed just for that and must not be used as a substitute for purchasing properly licenced software.


  • For software purchases from an existing supplier, we will endeavour to make the software available to you within 10 working days.
  • For either new suppliers or new software packages from an existing supplier, this process could take longer, up to 28 working days.
  • Any software purchases in excess of £10,000 will result in a longer acquisition time, as additional purchasing processes need to be followed.

Request software

Contact the IT Service Desk to request a program or purchase new software

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