Desktop and laptop computers

What are the key things to know?

Supplier information

  • HP is the supplier of all desktops and laptops for the University.  Because the University spends a lot of money on IT equipment, it has by law to run a competitive tender process. HP will hold the contract until 31 Dec 2017.
  • Having a single supplier and agreed range of hardware means the University gets better value for money and can provide support more easily.
  • Computer models selected are corporate models – not consumer models and have been tested to make sure that they meet the University's needs.

Funding and replacement cycles

  • There is central funding to provide a primary computing device for every member of staff; the amount is calculated according to grade. All staff will have a choice of standard devices, but departments can top this up from departmental funds to buy a higher spec computer.
  • Central funding provides for laptops to be replaced every four years and desktop computers to be replaced every five years.
  • Computers in addition to the primary computing device, as well as primary computing devices being replaced earlier than the 4 or 5 year replacement cycle, will need to be paid for by the department.
  • Windows computers are provided as standard, but departments can fund the additional cost of a Mac if the member of staff has suitable special requirements.
  • A new computer can be provided from central funds for a member of staff if their desktop or laptop PC is due to be replaced or for a member of staff in a new post.

Laptop and desktop eligibility

Desktop PCLaptopMac
Staff Grade 7 or below Central Department funds additional cost Department funds additional cost
Staff Grade 8 or above Central Central Department funds additional cost
  • Staff at Grade 8 or above can choose to apply for a laptop if their primary computing device is due to be replaced, or if they are applying for a new post at grade 8 or above. Other staff can request a laptop if their department has agreed to fund the difference in cost.

Who does this apply to?

Central funding is provided for computing devices for employees and for centrally timetabled rooms. Departments will need to pay for the cost of:

  • Any computers for students (including PhD students), agency workers (e.g. Unitemps) and any other atypical workers.
  • Shared computers such as hotdesk PCs, PCs in locally timetabled teaching or meeting rooms, or laboratory PCs.

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Peripheral IT equipment

  • All other peripheral IT equipment such as headsets, microphones, etc., will be funded by the department and must be purchased via IT Services to ensure compatibility with the relevant device.
  • Contact the IT Service Desk to order peripheral IT equipment. You must provide a cost code.

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