Personal use of work email

The personal use of email by staff is permitted providing that it is not excessive and does not interfere with your work.

It is common practice to maintain a distinction between work and personal emails by having separate email addresses - a personal email address for your personal activities and a work email address for your professional activities. We therefore advise against using your work email address for personal matters, for example it is not appropriate to use your work email address for your online banking.

Over the years, some staff have combined their personal and professional lives in their work email. However if you have not already done so there are many free reputable email services which you can access via a web browser. You can register for a personal email address and begin the process of changing over where necessary. Access to your personal email services from a work device is permitted providing it is not excessive.

Establishing a separation between your work email address and personal email address:

  • enables a better work life balance
  • is more convenient should you leave the University – as you do not need to disentangle the personal from the professional
  • protects your personal privacy.  Privacy of University email cannot be guaranteed as the University may require access to data in accordance with Freedom of Information requests.

Outsourcing and Third Party Access policy (ISP- S4)PDF icon (2.2) states that you should not use personal email accounts for University business and must not automatically forward emails from your University email account to an external third party email account.

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