Cyber Essentials accreditation

In January 2020, we renewed our Cyber Essentials accreditation through XyOne Cyber Security.

Cyber Essentials BadgeThis means that we have met all the requirements of the nationally recognised Cyber Essentials scheme [BIS/14/696] for our Research File Store (RFS, R: Drive) and Windows 10 desktop and laptop services.

Cyber Essentials is a government (National Cyber Security Centre) backed scheme. Our certification allows us to easily demonstrate to third parties (e.g. research funders and other partners) that these services are managed securely and protected against commodity-based cyber-attacks.

You can find our accreditation listed on the Cyber Essentials Certified Companies (University of Leicester) website.

How can I use this accreditation?

When you are preparing for a research bid/project you may be asked by a funding or partner organisation whether you have Cyber Essentials accreditation for the IT services you will be using to carry out the research and handle data.

You will be covered by our Cyber Essentials certification as long as you:

  • store your files within a project folder of the Research File Store (RFS, R: Drive)
  • are using a Windows 10 University desktop or laptop and have no local admin rights

Even if you are using the Research File Store, you cannot claim this certification applies if you have local admin rights on your University PC or laptop. This is because that access prevents us providing the evidence needed that all management activities (such as software installations and changes to the computer) are carried out by trained IT staff following agreed processes.

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