Role of the X: drive coordinator

Information for X: drive coordinators regarding their responsibilities for managing their departmental X: drive.

Roles and Responsibilities

IT Services will ask your department to nominate an X: drive coordinator as the “lead coordinator”. This is for technical reasons and makes no difference to the relationship with IT Services. However, you may want to use the person in this role to act as the coordinator and trainer of the X: drive coordinator team in your department. The responsibilities below apply to all X: drive coordinators


  • To understand your departmental X: drive structure and how the Access Groups are used to manage permissions
  • To act as the point of contact for issues relating to the department’s X: drive storage
  • To work with your department or group to make sure the X: drive folder structure and permissions fit the requirements of your department

Manage changes

  • Use the Group Membership Tool provided to ensure that the membership of the Access Groups is up to date. This will involve adding and removing staff from the groups
  • When required submit requests for changes to IT Services for:
    • the folder structure of folders at Level 1 and 2
    • Access Groups and the level of access required

Security and regulations

Manage the X: drive structure

Make sure that you understand how the X: drive is organised and managed.

You will be given access to a Config Spreadsheet (X:\IT Services\Stakeholders\XDCs\Config Spreadsheets) for your department which lists:

  • Folders at Levels 1 and 2
  • Access Groups and access type for each folder

The structure should be designed and maintained so that the minimum number of Access Groups are needed.

Where possible, consider using an existing group rather than adding a new one.

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