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As a Departmental IT Contact you will be able to request new IT accounts directly from IT Services on behalf of your department.

There are a number of different University IT accounts, however the two types of IT accounts you can request will be staff University IT accounts and External IT accounts. You may also request an account extension.

Staff University IT accounts

A staff IT account can only be created when HR has processed their application for employment and issued them an employee number. Contact HR to obtain the employee number before filling in the form below.

External University IT accounts

Department members who do not have a contract of employment can be provided with an External University IT account which is a temporary user account with equivalent access to that of members of staff. The External IT account is exclusively for the purpose of their work with the University.

Before you request an External IT account it is your responsibility to ensure that the account user is eligible and provided with the following information.

You can request an External IT account by filling in this form:

DITC account requests

Account extensions

External IT accounts are active for 12 months and will then need to be extended if the user continues working with the Unversity. As a DITC you will need to contact the IT Service Desk to authorise the extension of external IT accounts.

You can find out which University IT accounts are due to expire for your department using a Business Objects report:

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