Role of the Departmental IT Contact

Every Head of Department is asked to nominate one or more Departmental IT contact(s) to act as a point of communication with IT Services.

Areas of responsibility

  1. Act as an authorised requester for new IT accounts, extensions to IT accounts and new mobile phones for staff
  2. Act to distribute weekly news regarding IT services to departmental staff
  3. Be a point of contact to signpost people to information about IT Services on the IT Services website
  4. Be aware of current IT issues and future changes to IT in order to inform departmental staff and provide feedback to IT

DITCs do not fix IT equipment or resolve IT problems and are not responsible for raising requests on behalf of individuals, but can advise individuals how best to raise requests with IT.

Skills and time required

The key skills required to undertake the DITC role are:

  • A good understanding of the activities going on in the department that you represent and who does them
  • Knowledge about people joining and leaving the department on a permanent or temporary basis
  • Ability to use basic IT systems such as email and web sites
  • Familiarity with the IT Services website

The time required to fulfil this role will depend on the size of the department that you represent and the amount of staff change that takes place within the department. However, we do not anticipate this to be more than a half to one day per month at most.





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