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The purpose of IT Services is to create a digital campus in which students and staff can be as creative and productive as possible as they learn, teach, undertake research and run the organisation.

IT Services serves all areas of the University, supporting 23,000 students and 4,000 staff.

Many of our services are typical of the corporate world and offer similar challenges: managed PCs and laptops, storage, email, printing, web content management, data and voice networking, multimedia design and production, and the enterprise business applications underpinning finance, HR/payroll, marketing, facilities management and a range of commercial enterprises.

Other services are specific to the University and create an interesting range of challenges for the IT function. Here the creation, sharing, analysis and dissemination of information are defining activities. Both students and researchers tend to be demanding, innovative users of technology and we aim to provide them an information environment in which they can be as creative and productive as possible.


We provide a Virtual Learning Environment, High Performance Computing services and a huge range of specialist software. Our students have grown up with internet technologies and expect to be constantly connected using their mobile devices. A technology rich experience is what they expect from University life.

We provide equipment in teaching rooms, PC areas, wireless everywhere, and internet services in the halls of residence. We also run specialist business applications to support our students’ journey through the institution, aiming to provide them with a professional service through the application process, while they are studying and after they graduate.


Our researchers produce vast amounts of data and need tools to manage, mine and generate information from it. Many of them collaborate with others across disciplinary and organisational boundaries.

Similarly, we run systems to underpin the life cycle of each research project as it moves from grant application through to publication and dissemination.

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