Windows update – September 2019

Over the next month, you will have the opportunity to update to the next version of windows (version 1803). Initially you can choose when to upgrade, at a convenient time. Plan some time during September to update your University PC.


The Windows 10 version 1803 update is essential to keep University PCs safe and secure, by ensuring we’re all using a supported version.

This update won’t be as big as when you upgraded to Windows 10. You won’t need to complete a Windows 10 upgrade checklist and you shouldn’t need to reinstall all your programs again – programs in the Software Center will remain the same. However, it will take longer than the monthly Windows update.

If you use Windows 10 at home, you’ll be used to receiving larger feature Windows updates. This is the first time we’re updating University PCs in this way, and we anticipate this to occur at least once a year, from now onwards.

We anticipate all new staff PCs will be provided with Window 10 version 1803 installed by default soon. All Student PC Area PCs will be updated to a newer version during September.

Windows 7

If you’ve not upgraded to Windows 10, it’s really is important that you prepare to upgrade your University PC, as support for Windows 7 ends soon.

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