The way you login to Blackboard and Office 365 is changing from Tuesday, 26 May 2020

From the afternoon of Tuesday, 26 May 2020 you will see the Microsoft login page when accessing Blackboard, Office 365, EZProxy, MyPGR from a web browser.

If you are experiencing issues with accessing Blackboard or Office 365, clear the browser cache and cookies (Google Chrome instructions). Then close all browser windows and re-open them.

Microsoft Login page - email address
Enter your full University Email Address

You will need to enter your full University email address ( or and password to login.

What’s changing?

Currently you login using the University login page for most University IT services. However from the afternoon of Tuesday, 26 May 2020 you will now see the Microsoft Login page if you access:

Some services will continue to use the current University login page for the time being.

Microsoft Login page - password
Enter your password on the next screen

Cosmetically, the new login will look like a University web page, with all of the branding you would expect to see.  However one difference is that you will need to use your full University email address ( for staff or or for students) and password to login.

It is safe for you to enter your University IT account username and password on this Microsoft login page (, as we know that we normally advise you to be vigilant about where you enter your University IT Account details. Once you have entered your email address, it should be remembered by your browser in future.


This is part of introducing Further IT account security improvements, with a focus on how you login to University services.

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