Mailman email distribution lists to be retired

Mailman will be retired from 2 March 2020 and emails sent with addresses will no longer be delivered. We’ve have had a good response by contacting administrators of Mailman lists and so far 145 lists have been migrated. If you still use Mailman lists, get in touch, so that we can help you move to a different solution.

Mailman ( will be retired at the end of February 2020. We are contacting Administrators of Mailman lists to let them know and provide support to move to use alternative solutions, if required.

What do Mailman Administrators need to do?

If you don’t need a Mailman list any longer:

  1. Send an email to members of your Mailman list to inform the them that this list will be retired
  2. Login to your Mailman lists from
  3. Click Delete this mailing list from the menu

However if you need to contact colleagues in the same way as before, we can help you to setup and use one of these options:

  • Email distribution group – for University staff and students only
  • JISC mail for collaboration with external members, providing a similar experience to Mailman lists
  • Yammer – option to create a private discussion group for University staff and students
  • Team Collaboration Space – for messaging and file sharing within a team of University staff and students

Contact the IT Service Desk for advice on the option most suitable for you.


End of February 2020 Mailman ( will be retired.

Why are Mailman lists being retired?

  • The University has committed to roadmap, which will exploit newer, more secure cloud-based technologies for delivering email. Alternative solutions are available
  • There are GDPR and information assurance concerns over the archived content of the Mailman lists. There is no governance in place to review if Mailman lists contain personal or sensitive data
  • 60% of Mailman lists have not used in the last year (Dec 2018 – Dec 2019)
  • Security vulnerabilities have been identified with hardware that runs Mailman lists
  • Mailman relies on old hardware which needs to be retired

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