University PCs to update to Windows 10 version 1803 automatically

From now on, University PCs will be updated to the next version of Windows 10 in daily batches. Updates are planned towards the end of each day; you will have three hours to restart the PC, before it restarts automatically.

However, you can still choose a convenient time to update your University PC to Windows 10 version 1803, before the automatic update begins. This update will take longer than the monthly Windows updates (about two hours), but requires less planning than when you upgraded from Windows 7.


While this is a significant update, it shouldn’t require as much planning as when you upgraded from Windows 7:

  • You won’t need to complete an upgrade checklist
  • Programs and Settings you have should remain as before

Automatic update

When your University PC is scheduled to update, from about 3.30pm you’ll see the option to restart.

Ensure you save your files and close programs. If you have a University staff laptop, make sure you’ve manually synchronised your files using the Sync Center.

When you see the restart option, you can choose any of these options:

  • Continue to work for up to three hours, before the PC will restart automatically
  • Click Restart Now from the update message box to begin the update straight away
  • Lock the PC and allow the restart to begin when ready after three hours

Don’t Shut down or Restart the PC from the option in the Start menu.

How long does take?

  • The update is likely to take about two hours depending on the age and location of your PC
  • It is recommended you start the update at the end of your working day
  • If you have a University Staff laptop it will need to be docked on your desk during the update

During the update

  • Your PC will restart several times during the update
  • There will be times where the login screen appears, however the update is continuing in the background
  • Your computer will shut down, when it has finished updating
  • Occasionally the update may pause at a security message. Enter the four digits you see at the bottom of the screen to continue. This is expected and ensures that a human (rather than a virus) has requested the security changes.

How do I update manually?

You can still choose a convenient time to update your University PC to Windows 10 version 1803, before the automatic update begins. If you have a University staff laptop, make sure you’ve manually synchronised your files using the Sync Center prior to installing the update:

  1. Save your work and close all programs
  2. Go to start menu and click Software Center
  3. Click on Operating Systems
  4. Click Windows 10 1803 update
    1803 Update
  5. Click Install to confirm
    1803 Update Install
  6. Ensure that you have not stored files locally on the PC. Click Install to begin
    • After about 10 minutes, a restart prompt will appear. Choose to restart now. Otherwise your PC will restart after three hours.


From end of first week of OctoberYour University PC will be updated automatically


Microsoft now release updates to Windows 10 on a more regular basis. The means you have can benefit from features earlier and receive important bug fixes, while maintaining settings and programs installed. Previously University PCs would need to be wiped, programs reinstalled and all setting reapplied.

If you use Windows 10 at home, you’ll be used to receiving larger feature Windows updates. This is the first time we’re updating University PCs in this way, and we anticipate this to occur at least once a year, from now on.

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