Support for old versions of ERDAS IMAGINE and MATLAB to be withdrawn

From January, you will no longer be able to use installations of ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 and MATLAB R2017a on Windows 10. Ensure you use the more recent version, which is available to install from the Software Center.


Newer versions of these programs have been available in the Software Center for some time. It is recommended you use the latest available version of any program, to obtain improved features and bug fixes.

What do I need to do?

If you are using a University Staff PC, you should go to the Software Center and do the following:


  1. Uninstall ERDAS IMAGINE version 2016
  2. Install ERDAS IMAGINE version 2018


  • Install MATLAB R2019a. This will automatically uninstall older versions of MATLAB that are on the PC as part of the install process

If you are using a University Student PC, you already have access to IMAGINE 2018 and MATLAB R2019a, as they are preinstalled on each Student PC. You can find the shortcuts for these programs in the Start Menu.

A small number of students may still have access to the earlier version of IMAGINE, as it is linked to their University IT account. We recommend those students Software Center and uninstall the earlier version in order to avoid any confusion as to which version is being used.


10 January 2019* ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 and MATLAB R2017a will no longer work. Use the more recent versions instead


*The license servers that support these software versions are being retired in January 2020, as part of decommissioning the Windows 7 Service. Once this takes place, the software will no longer launch.

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