Updates to University PCs in response to computer chip bugs

You may see more updates to your University PC than usual due to the current Meltdown and Spectre issues reported in the national news.


There is currently a security issue which is affecting computers across the world as described in the national news.

Rush to fix ‘serious’ computer chip flaws (BBC News article)

Windows Updates will be applied to University PCs from week commencing 15 January 2018.  You may be prompted to restart your PC to complete the updates, make sure you save your work.

Some PCs will require additional updates where you will see onscreen instructions and you may need to restart your PC within a fixed amount of time.


IT Services have been working, following advice from Microsoft and other suppliers, to resolve the security issues caused by the ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’ bugs. We are continuing work to protect other services and devices used at the University - further announcements about the measures necessary will follow over the coming weeks.

Staying safe

These security issues highlight how important it is that we are all vigilant when handling University, or any other sensitive, data.  For tips on how to keep your data safe and follow good practice guidelines, please take a look at the Information Security website.

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If you have a specific concern, please contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253.

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