IT preparation for Confirmation & Clearing 2017

During August 2017, IT Services are heavily involved in supporting the IT systems required to ensure Confirmation and Clearing runs without interruption. You should be aware of the disruption to some rooms and services.

Rooms in Ken EdwardsClearing

Several rooms in the Ken Edwards building are being equipped with temporary PCs and telephones in order to accommodate a high volume call centre and temporary office space.

  • KE 101, 103, 322, 323, 324, 526, 527 and 528 are currently closed
  • All rooms will be reopened by 29 August 2017

Impact to University telephones

During Confirmation and Clearing the University takes a very high volume of calls. Every effort has been made to ensure that phone lines for normal staff use are unaffected, but at particularly busy times staff and callers to the University might be unable to connect. Please be patient and try to avoid organising conference calls and similar during this time.

Impact on University Switchboard

Each year, Switchboard receive a high number of Confirmation and Clearing related calls, despite the dedicated Clearing number  being in place (0116 373 6000). To help Switchboard throughout this busy period, where possible, please use alternative methods to contact colleagues, i.e. People Search, Skype and Outlook Address Book. Switchboard provides a number of services, find out more.

Impact on IT Services

IT Service Desk will be operating Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm. However, a high number of our service teams will be directly involved in the Clearing process, therefore, please allow for some delays in responses to IT issues and requests during this time. For critical support please call 0116 252 2253.

High demand on Student Records System SITS

The Student Records System SITS is critical to Confirmation and Clearing operations and will be extensively used from Saturday 12 August to Wednesday 23 August. All our SITS support staff are currently working on Confirmation and Clearing preparation tasks. We are unable to accommodate any other support work on SITS at this time.

It is necessary to switch off the connection between SITS and Blackboard from Thursday 17 to Friday 18 August. This means that new students will not be automatically enrolled on Blackboard courses during this time.

Business Objects

Business Objects is critical to Confirmation and Clearing. You should avoid running large reports, that are not related to Clearing, during this critical period.

IT change freeze

Any IT and telephone system related changes are suspended from 7 August 2017 – 25 August 2017, except where they are needed for Clearing. This is to reduce risks of changes causing issues to IT systems which are critical during Confirmation and Clearing.

Need IT help?

For more information about IT preparations for Confirmation and Clearing contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253 or via email at Please make urgent queries by telephone.

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