University response to UCL cyber-attack

We have been made aware of a ransomware attack on University College London which affected their personal and shared drives yesterday, Thursday 14 June 2017. We have not been affected by this attack, however, IT Services have been monitoring the situation and have taken measures to minimise risk.

Most cyber-attacks are thwarted due to staff noticing non-standard or suspicious emails, so it is really important that everyone remains vigilant and in particular that if you receive any unexpected or in any way suspicious emails, that you do not open any attachment or follow any link in the email. We will never ask you for your details in an email and doing so may lead to loss of your data and very substantial disruption to the university.

IT Services installs security and antivirus updates to Managed and Assured computers on a regular basis to ensure we are protected from such incidents. The main objective of our recent Supported PC project was to ensure that all computers connected to our network are receiving these regular security updates, or where this is not possible ensuring that other security measures are in place and the risks are understood.

You can also be reassured that all data held on our corporate systems and the Z, X and R drives is backed up regularly. Although we have not been affected by this attack, we remain vigilant and have already taken additional steps today to protect ourselves and be ready for any potential outbreak.

What you need to do

Remain vigilant and if you receive any unexpected or suspicious emails do not open attachments or follow any links in the email.

Report any unusual emails received or any irregular behaviour of your computer to the Service Desk.

If you think you have suffered a ransomware attack you should immediately turn off your device and phone the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253. Please do not email.

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