IT Survey 2014: the findings

The findings from the first University-wide IT Survey December 2014 have now been analysed and action plans are being developed to address the key findings.

Breakdown of groups responding to the IT Survey 2014
Breakdown of groups responding to the IT Survey 2014

More than 1000 responses were received from across the University. There were positives, with IT Services being seen as professional and trustworthy and good feedback for IT training and University email. There were also areas for improvement. The main areas were identified as:

  • Flexibility: IT Services sometimes seen as inflexible – particularly by academic staff -  who feel that this can hinder creativity
  • Speed of support: can be slow to deal with some support requests and in keeping people informed.
  • Requesting additional software: process needs to be clearer and quicker
  • Clearer communication: information on the website needs to be easier to find, particularly IT policies and processes.
The survey has prompted much debate within IT Services and is already helping us to identify areas for improvement.  We are putting action plans in place for each of our services and special measures to tackle support requests that have been outstanding for more than 30 days.

Of course, resources are limited and the security and stability of our services is a priority, but we feel that there is plenty that we can do to address concerns and we are keen to continue to work more closely with colleagues to develop our services. We are committed to keeping everyone up to date with progress.” Liz Bailey, Director of IT

What we've done already

Some areas of feedback from the survey have already been identified and addressed:

  • Mobile printing: print from your own laptop to be available from March 2015
  • Students finding colour printers: stickers now make these easier to spot
  • Visitor wifi provided by The Cloud has been launched
  • Microsoft Office is now available at no cost to all staff and students
  • Implemented a new complaints policy to ensure complaints and feedback are dealt with in a professional, effective and timely manner

The findings in more detail

The survey included quantitative and qualitative questions with five point scale responses, as well as free text answers. An average score of three or below was considered to be an area for improvement. Responses were sought from academic and research staff, non-academic staff, PhD students, undergraduates and masters students on:

As well as the quantitative results, there were free text responses that support the findings. Some of the responses will be followed up individually.

What happens next?

We will be keeping everyone up to date with the actions taken as a result of the survey here on the website and also via our Partnering team and Departmental IT Contacts.

The relevant service owners have viewed and responded to the feedback received in the survey:

If you have any questions or further feedback, please contact the User Experience team

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