Taiwan - I-Yun

I-Yun - Taiwan2I-Yun travelled from Taiwan to the UK to study Museum Studies MA at Leicester.

How did you discover the University of Leicester?

I dreamed of majoring in museum studies to enable me to work in the museum sector someday. I have been a fan of the School of Museum Studies at Leicester since I was in senior school, because a lot of famous Taiwanese museology scholars studied their MA or PhD there. That is why I made up mind to apply to the Museum Studies MA at the University of Leicester.

How easy was the application process?

As far as I was concerned, the application process was not too complex. The counselor from my agency gave me lots of help so that I understood what essential documents I needed to collect and upload with my application.

Did you find it easy to adjust to living in Leicester?

The first week I arrived in Leicester was not easy because of the UK weather. As an international student from a tropical county, such weather was too cold for me! However, as time went by, everything went well because the staff in the University accommodation were very friendly and gave me lots of helpful information.

The International Welcome Week was really good and helped new international students to make friends in this new environment and build their social network on campus.

What are the best things about living and studying at Leicester?

As a student majoring in museum studies, there is nothing better than engaging people from different kinds of cultural backgrounds because Leicester has been known as one of the most multi-cultural city in the UK. Meeting people from all over the world at Leicester not only lets me learn to admire and respect exotic culture but also makes me identify myself. After all, the best things about living and studying at Leicester for me is meeting a variety types of cultures and engaging with them.

When you're not studying, what do you enjoy doing in your free time at Leicester?

I like to go swimming at the University sports centre at least once a week. Sometimes, my friends and I also like to go travelling to other cities in the UK by train.

After you have graduated from Leicester, what are your plans for the future?

I really want to stay in UK and have a full-time job in a museum here because I have fallen in love with my surroundings (except the climate!).

I plan to keep studying for my PhD but may go back to Taiwan to work a few months and while submitting my PhD application.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about studying at Leicester?

Leicester is a very international and attractive city. You won’t regret choosing to study here!


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