Saint Lucia - Edith

Edith - St LuciaEdith travelled from Saint Lucia to the UK to study MA International Education (Innovation and Reform) at Leicester.

How did you discover the University of Leicester?

I was keen on diversifying my educational experience by pursuing studies with a UK university. Being uncertain at the time, as to which university I should apply to, I began a web search on recognised universities in the UK. The University of Leicester was one such institution.

As I reviewed the various universities, the University of Leicester stood out to me not only in terms of my program of interest, but also in terms of the diversity of the student body and the community in general, as well as student experiences of a very professional and supportive academic environment.

Of course, sometimes what we read online proves to be disappointing falsehoods. However, I am thrilled to say that my experience has indeed been very much in tandem with the positive reviews I came across online regarding the University of Leicester.

How easy was the application process?

The application process was simpler than anticipated. What made the whole process much easier, thankfully, was the high degree of professionalism and efficiency displayed by the International Office team. Any concerns or queries that I submitted were addressed promptly.

Did you find it easy to adjust to living in Leicester?

My first week at Leicester went quite well. I was admittedly quite jet lagged on arrival given that I was in flight for eight hours. Thankfully, upon arrival, a pre-arranged taxi by the international office awaited me at the airport. The Accommodation Office assigned me a resident advisor who helped me settle into my unit quite comfortably.

The very evening that I arrived, and for the remainder of the week, the University hosted a series of welcome events for all international students. The events were very informative, and also provided the opportunity for me to relax, win some free gifts, socialise a bit and forge some new friendships.

I did have to adjust a little to the change in temperature. Thankfully, the weather in Leicester is not as harsh as other parts of the UK. I must say though that the change wasn’t too difficult to embrace as I am thoroughly enjoying the break from the hot tropical climate of the beautiful Caribbean.

What are the best things about living and studying at Leicester?

One of the best things about living in Leicester is that almost everything is within walking distance – which helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a student. No need to pay gym fees! There is of course a gym on campus, and many others about the city.

Leicester is also very scenic and racially diverse or multi-cultural. The fantastic thing about living in a city this racially diverse is that you can find almost everything you need – from hair care products and services, to your preferred food items.

The best thing about studying at Leicester is that the tutors are extremely supportive and show a keen interest in ensuring that students excel. The general staff are also very professional and accommodating. The library is also furnished with a wealth of resources and very supportive staff.

When you're not studying, what do you enjoy doing in your free time at Leicester?

The city centre is the heart of Leicester. There are many stores around, as well as the Highcross shopping mall, where you can leisurely walk about and also pick up a few items – if you enjoy shopping as much as my colleagues and I do! Of course, always stay within budget! There’s also a movie theatre near campus where we catch a movie.

The Students’ Union and Accommodation Office also host a range of social events to appeal to students’ diverse interests every week. So there’s always something to do – based upon your interests.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about studying at Leicester?

If you are thinking about studying at Leicester, I say to you that you have made a great choice as you will encounter a very supportive academic environment – which is vital as a student. Additionally, Leicester’s diversity offers the opportunity to feel quite comfortable as an international student. Be prepared to work hard and do well, but certainly make time to enjoy the city!


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