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Adam Mohd AzmiAdam travelled from Malaysia to the UK to study Medicine at Leicester.

How did you discover the University of Leicester?

I discovered Leicester through recommendations from a few of my friends who have studied at Leicester previously and thoroughly enjoyed their stay at the University. I did my own research and compared with other universities as well. I made my decision after much consideration but to be honest I was already sold on Leicester's trademark phrase "Elite without being elitist." Somehow it just spoke to me, a bit clichéd I know but I’m not ashamed of it. It was my best decision yet.

How easy was the application process?

The University of Leicester has the standard application process through UCAS but what truly set it apart from the rest was the interview. Others might testify against this, but I really enjoyed my interview session with Leicester. The interviewers were in-depth and really wanted to know what I had to say. They made me feel welcome instead of intimidated.

Did you find it easy to adjust to living in Leicester?

I'd never been away from Malaysia before, so the notion of being in a foreign country was a bit overwhelming at first. However that feeling quickly dissipated as I entered intro week.

The staff are very friendly around the Medical School and University so even if I got lost (which won't be a problem for most of you, believe me), there would always be a friendly face to ask for directions. The University of Leicester is not very big but it makes up for it with diversity, something which I find very attractive about Leicester.

There are people from all walks of life, ethnicities and religions on campus and this diversity helped me a lot, as even though I was a complete outsider, I didn't feel isolated or left out.

International students are inducted into the 'International Welcome Week' where you get acquainted with other internationals The Charles Wilson building is also a great place to mingle not to mention the Students Union Building which boasts a healthy student environment.

What are the best things about living and studying at Leicester?

Leicester is a diverse city, it's not London of course but it has many things that London can't offer. First of all, the living costs are reasonable and the parks are so beautiful. Nothing beats sitting on a bench in Victoria Park after a day of lectures. Food is definitely not scarce, there are many good eats around town and if you fancy cooking, you'll get the freshest produce at Leicester market, for a cheap price to boot.

The David Wilson Library is often open 24 hours a day during term time - useful when you need to study for an important test the next day. It’s a very conducive environment for studying I must say.

During my free time I often head off to the cinema and catch a movie with my close friends. I take brisk walks in most of the parks, work on my tennis game at Victoria Park or sometimes go feed swans leftover bread at Castle Gardens. There are a lot of hidden gems in Leicester, ones you need to really take time to fully appreciate and it's worth the time to go out and explore the city.

After you have graduated from Leicester, what are your plans for the future?

Well, that's easy, practise medicine of course! But that's only the surface of it. I don't quite know what my plans are for the future right now, as I'm way too busy enjoying my time at university.

But whatever the future holds, I hope I can bring a part of Leicester with me, in both principle and memory.


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