China - Shaomin

Shaomin ZhangShaomin travelled from China to the UK to study Mass Communications MA at Leicester.

How did you discover the University of Leicester?

I was recommended the University by one of the education agents in my hometown. I searched for more information about the University of Leicester online and discovered it is one of Britain's leading universities and its Media and Communication department is one of the best. The University performs well in student satisfaction surveys and has a high graduate employment rate, so I decided to study for a Master’s degree in Mass Communications at the University of Leicester.

How easy was the application process?

The application was relatively straight forwards and easy to complete. My application was processed very quickly, only taking a few weeks. I believe I was accepted quickly because I had achieved high grades during my undergraduate degree in China.

Did you find it easy to adjust to living in Leicester?

At first it was a little difficult for me to get used to living in a totally different country and I felt my English was not strong enough to support daily life. But after taking a course at the University’s English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) my English improved significantly. This made daily life and understanding my course much easier.

My first week in the UK was really busy, completing police registration, opening a bank account and paying my tuition fees. I also had to learn where the supermarket is and find my way around the University campus. The University's opening week has many events and parties for students to attend, I met one of my best friends during this week, and we are still very good friends even today.

Despite being busy, my first week at Leicester has provided me with the most wonderful memories.

What are the best things about living and studying at Leicester?

The best thing about Leicester is convenience. Compared to China everything is within walking distance, all the shops, the gym, the park and more. Also I found many of the locals are very friendly especially in the shops. The best thing about studying in Leicester is the library. It provides many facilities, study rooms and even a café. It’s the best place to do group work as they have rooms with access to projectors and a whiteboard.

The Student Union provides excellent opportunities to make new friends and join many different societies. I joined numerous clubs and made many friends, both international and local. Some of the clubs I joined include, arts and crafts, dancing, yoga and horse riding. When the opportunity arose I also took part in music shows with a small group I joined in Leicester. I play Pipa which is a traditional Chinese instrument, similar to a lute. Our group performed shows to spread Chinese culture and introduce traditional Chinese music to the local community.

What have you done since graduating from Leicester?

After my graduation I worked for the Chinese Meteorology Administration in Beijing. I’ve since married and moved back to the UK and am now busy starting my own property business. I am also   a Teaching Assistant at the University of Leicester and I also teach yoga classes throughout Leicester.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about studying at Leicester?

Make the most of your time, and try hard to be successful. Think about your future and how your studies will help you to reach your goals and develop your skills. Make sure to improve yourself.


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