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Qicong ZhangQicong travelled from China to the UK to study for her Media and Advertising MA and Management PhD at Leicester.

How did you discover the University of Leicester?

I had completed my undergraduate study in China, and wanted to go abroad to further my studies in media and business. The culture and peaceful atmosphere of the UK made it my dream country, and the developed media industry makes it a superior place to study media and communication.

The University of Leicester has leading academic resources and a high reputation amongst UK universities. The department of media and communications with its research-led approach is especially outstanding. After comparing several universities in the UK, I made my final decision to come to the University of Leicester to further my study. 

How easy was the application process?

Towards the end of my Master’s in Media and Advertising, I decided to continue my studies and acquire a deeper knowledge of consumer research. After consulting with my director and the head of the media department, I decided to apply for a Management PhD.

The material preparation for my PhD application took about three months, the most important element being the research proposal. The PhD application process is similar to the Master’s application process, and includes an application form, two reference letters, thesis proposal and grade transcripts etc.

I received lots of support from my Master’s study tutors, the head of the media department, classmates, family and friends during my PhD application.

Did you find it easy to adjust to living in Leicester?

I tried my best to be ready to embrace a new life in Leicester. I started to meet new people and adjust to my new environment and new language and gradually became familiar with the area in which I lived.  I was excited to face a new life by myself.

Besides studying, I have had part-time jobs and I take part in voluntary activities, sports clubs, group travel and festival parties. I have had lots of opportunity to understand the local culture and make friends with people from a variety of countries.

What are the best things about living and studying at Leicester?

Leicester is a cosy and peaceful place for living and studying. I love my everyday life here, especially pursuing my own study interests, working with nice people and having so many friends. I like to make my daily life busy and active. I have part-time jobs in my free time and I started to teach piano last October.

Besides studying and working, I'm trying my best to visit places on my travelling list. Keeping fit and healthy is essential as well, so I exercise regularly, particularly yoga, walking and swimming. I recently joined the University badminton club to play with my friends every week.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about studying at Leicester?

In this modern era, it is much easier to access the world and create opportunities for new experiences. Studying and living in another country is challenging, but a good opportunity to discover yourself and view the world in a different way.

It is not about achieving specific goals, it is about experiencing the journey, opening your mind and thinking deeply of what you want to do.

Leicester is a good choice to study in the UK. If you love England, want to experience a new lifestyle and pursue your studies; please come to the University of Leicester.


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