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Lingling XieLingling was awarded the President’s Postgraduate Scholarship and travelled from China to the UK to study Museum Studies MA at Leicester.

How did you discover the University of Leicester?

The University of Leicester has always been my dream school. I earned my bachelor’s degree in archaeology from Nanjing University and developed a keen interest in museum studies. The interdisciplinary vision of the School of Museum Studies attracts me greatly, as well as its global reputation for the leading-edge thinking and experimental practice in this field. So I regard the Museum Studies MA program as an important step to fulfil my academic goal and choose to study at the University of Leicester

How easy was the application process?

I was offered great support when attending one of the application meetings organised by the University International Office in Guangzhou. The meeting provided me an opportunity to meet outstanding alumni from the University; as well as the international officer who introduced the student life at Leicester.

During the application process, the University application website provided me with detailed guidance ranging from what supporting documents will be needed to how the online application form should be completed. When I was preparing for the application document, I visited the School website and gained further information for course structures, research projects and academic staffs. It helped me not only consider the context of personal statement but also develop the course interest in further study.

The Postgraduate Admissions Office also supported me via sending emails for application confirmation and scholarship information.

Did you find it easy to adjust to living in Leicester?

The life here is very different to my hometown Liuzhou. Leicester is a multicultural city and has a diverse population of Asian, African, Caribbean and Eastern European groups.

The Students’ Union organises various activities for international students to experience the campus life. I attended the International Welcome Week before the start of term, which provided me with an opportunity to meet other new students and make friends with those from Canada, Germany, Thailand and Malaysia.

I also discovered some wonderful student groups such as Global Café and Table Talk which provided me with a good place to practice English and play games with other international students.

What are the best things about living and studying at Leicester?

I think it is relaxing and comfortable to live in Leicester. I appreciate the glorious beauty of nature and the richness of colourful trees in the areas of New Walk and Victoria Park, especially in autumn. Leicester has a central location in England and gives me, a museum lover, the convenience to travel from Leicester to visit museums throughout the UK, including north Edinburgh and south London.

For studying, I consider the Museum Studies course really fantastic and high-quality. The education system is radically different from that in China. There is participation in class, discussion in groups and study visits to different museums.
I feel delighted to study with classmates from around the world who have gathered together because of their shared passion for museum studies; as well as professional teachers who have encouraged us to think critically and creatively about museums and galleries.

In summary, I feel really grateful to live and study at Leicester.

When you're not studying, what do you enjoy doing in your free time at Leicester?

Outside the classroom, I enjoy volunteering at the New Walk Museum at weekends. As an event assistant, I work under the guidance of the museum manager and help staff organise educational activities. The experience not only develops my work experience in museum education but also improves my communication skills in English. Because I regard volunteering as a positive way to broaden my life and balance the study, I really enjoy doing volunteer work at the New Walk Museum in my spare time.

After you have graduated from Leicester, what are your plans for the future?

After finishing my master’s programme, I plan to study for a PhD degree in order to gain more academic training. My desire for knowledge pushes me forward to further study the development of Chinese museums and its globalism. I am also interested in how museums engage in everyday life and a comparative study on museums between China and UK.

I look forward to using the knowledge and skills I have gained from my studies at Leicester back in China.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about studying at Leicester?

The best advice is to take action and experience a new life. It is a tough decision to leave our familiar language and culture, but we should not miss the chance to pursue our dream. You will gain confidence and learn to not be defeated by difficulties when they happen.

I wholeheartedly recommend the University of Leicester and many of my peers and classmates would do too. I believe that you will never imagine how brilliant the life is unless you experience it in person.


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