Erasmus+ Student Experiences

Check out what our former Erasmus+ students had to say on their experiences!

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Hungary and Pécs - Jeff Moxom

Politics and International Relations student with an Erasmus semester at Pécs University in Hungary.

...I returned to Budapest in late August, lugging a suitcase through the streets in blistering summer heat. It was in these few days I met my future room-mate, after over hearing a conversation in our hostel between him and an elderly Swedish man about his plans to study in Pécs. We chatted at length, and during a night out, more

Hi I'm Jeff

Germany and Gießen - Fabian Bak

Politics and International Relations student with an Erasmus semester at the University of Gießen in Germany.

...I was lucky enough to have a German mentor who would provide a helping hand with the language based difficulties that I would inevitably encounter. She invited me to a small birthday party on the first weekend. It was going well until they proposed a ‘stroll’ more

Hi I'm Fabian

Austria and Salzburg - Emily Boneham

English with a Year Abroad BA student with an Erasmus year at the Universität Salzburg in Austria.

...There were plenty of social events including the usual bar crawls and having met a large group of Americans as soon as I moved in, I was never lost for company! I met some wonderful friends from all over the more


Hi I'm Emily


France and Paris, Italy and Padua - Arabella Suchy

Modern Languages (French and Italian BA) with Erasmus semesters at Sorbonne University, Paris and the University of Padua, Padua.

...It was in the Alps, that I fully appreciated how invaluable it is to be proficient in a foreign language. I found myself in a situation where a non-French speaking English girl my age had been involved in an incident following a night out. As the sole French speaker around, I went into the ambulance with the girl, and... read more

Hi I'm Arabella


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