Erasmus Costs & Funding

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If you are planning a Leicester year or semester abroad outside Europe, please consult the Study Abroad costs page.

Taking a year (or semester) abroad will incur some additional costs. Below is a description of the most common considerations:

  1. Tuition Fees
  2. The Erasmus Grant
  3. Student Finance
  4. Cost of Living Abroad

If you have accepted your place abroad under Erasmus+, you will have access to additional, detailed guidance through the Erasmus+ Blackboard course.

1. Tuition Fees

  • As an Erasmus exchange student, you do not need to pay tuition fees to your host (receiving) university. As you will remain enrolled at Leicester, you are however eligible for tuition fees to the University.
  • If you take an Erasmus semester abroad as part of a 3-year degree, your fees will be unchanged.
  • If you are a Home/EU student taking a full-year abroad in 2014-15 or later, you will need to pay £1,250 to Leicester during your year abroad.
  • If you are an International Student, you will pay 25% of your annual tuition fee amount to Leicester during your year abroad.


2. The Erasmus Grant

If you have accepted your place abroad under Erasmus+, you will have access to additional, detailed guidance through the Erasmus+ Blackboard course. The information below refers to 2017/18 academic year.

The Erasmus Grant is provided by the European Commission to students taking part in a higher education study exchange or work placement* under the Erasmus+ programme.
The grant is intended only to assist with the extra costs incurred through studying/working abroad. It should not be used as a replacement to any other loans or grants that you normally receive. It also will not be paid before you go abroad. Please do not rely on these funds for time-critical payments, such as tuition or accommodation deposits.

The Erasmus+ grant is generous but does not cover essential living costs such as rent and household bills.
The Erasmus grant is paid in two instalments (70%+30%), on a € euros/month calculation. The table below shows the amounts available to students for the 2017-18 academic year.
Host Country

University Exchanges: Total Monthly Grant 2017/18

Work Placements/Traineeships: Total Monthly Grant 2017/18

Group 1: Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Norway, Sweden



Group 2 and 3: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia



Erasmus grant payments are made after all the correct paperwork has been returned to the Erasmus Team in Leicester. These requirements are explained in full during the pre-departure sessions, and can be reviewed using relevant guidance available on Blackboard.


* Erasmus is a cultural exchange programme. Students spending an Erasmus period in another European country for which they have residence or citizenship, are not entitled to the Erasmus grant for that period.

3. Student Finance

During your placement abroad you should have access to student finance (UK government loans or grants) that you would usually be eligible for. You can also ask for a travel grant for the cost of travel to/from home to your host country. Please speak to a Financial Adviser in our Student Welfare Service if you have any questions about your Student Finance eligibility and/or applications.


University of Leicester Bursary

You would not normally be eligible for the Bursary during your Erasmus year.


4. Cost of Living Abroad

The Erasmus Year (or Semester) is not a “free” year.  We advise you to spend some time researching the average cost of living at your chosen destination.

If you are not an EU/EEA passport holder, you may require a visa in order to study in a European country which may incur an application fee. As part of the visa process you may be required to provide proof of sufficient funding. This is also an additional cost of the exchange.

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