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Erasmus is an academic exchange in a given field of study. Decisions about how long you can study abroad for, where you can go, and how your Erasmus studies contribute to your Leicester degree are determined by your academic department and University regulations specific to your degree. General information on Erasmus exchanges follows, but you should also consult your Departmental Erasmus Coordinator for further details on the rules relating to your degree.

Degree Structures

Year Abroad

Most Undergraduate Erasmus exchanges involve spending an academic year abroad:

Year 1 - at Leicester

Year 2 - at Leicester

Year 3 - Erasmus Year Abroad (additional)

Year 4 - final year at Leicester

If you are currently taking a 3-year undergraduate course, you would switch to a 4-year variant of your degree to take part in Erasmus. You can do this with the approval of your department.

Semester Abroad

A small number of departments (notably Sociology) integrate a semester into the undergraduate degree. Students can go abroad for one semester during their second year (of a three year degree). You will undertake modules to replace those you would have studied at Leicester, and will receive a transcript of records from your Host University.

You can only take a semester abroad if your department offers this, so please be sure to check with your Departmental Coordinator.

Erasmus Exchange for Masters or Doctoral Students

A small number of Leicester Masters and PhD programmes offer students the opportunity to spend a term or semester at a partner university. You should enquire with your department and discuss your credit transfer options as early as possible.

Assessment of the Year Abroad

How your Erasmus exchange counts towards your degree will be determined by the regulations of your academic department. You can find out how your studies abroad would contribute to your University of Leicester degree by speaking to your Departmental Erasmus Coordinator, or departmental office.

Undergraduate 'Year Abroad' Degree

If you change to a 4-year undergraduate degree with an Erasmus exchange, then your degree title will recognise your year abroad as a key element of your Leicester award. For example, the 3-year "BA English", would become the 4-year "BA English with a Year Abroad".

Credit Transfer (ECTS)

ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer System. This is a the most common credit system in Europe, and all of our Erasmus Partner Universities use ECTS.

10 ECTS credits = 20 University of Leicester credits

Leicester Students on Erasmus exchange are usually required to take 60 ECTS credits per academic year (equivalent to 120 Leicester credits)

The Learning Agreement

In order to transfer credit from modules studied whilst on Erasmus exchange, you are required to complete a form known as a Learning Agreement. The Learning Agreement is a list of modules that you will study at your Host University, approved by your Leicester Departmental Coordinator and endorsed by the Host Departmental Coordinator. You will be given a thorough explanation of how to complete a Learning Agreement as part of your preparation for an Erasmus exchange. The Learning Agreement document is available on Blackboard.

For additional information on the European Credit Transfer System in general, please visit: You can also view the complete ECTS User's Guide.

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