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Your accommodation is guaranteed

Accommodation is guaranteed if you apply before the deadline specified in your Joining Instructions or sent by email after your application is accepted.

The University of Leicester provides a range of rooms to cover all types of preferences and budgets. Two main locations are Oadby Student Village, or City Living halls. Students can choose between catered (meal plan included) or self-catered halls with kitchens.

Please view the Accommodation Website for a full range of room types.

Students that apply for accommodation before the deadline will be offered a room, this offer must be accepted or declined by the deadline included in the offer. If a student does not accept the offer before the deadline, the offer may be withdrawn. Please note that a second offer is not guaranteed.

Disability provision is included in University of Leicester halls. Some of our rooms have been adapted to suit a range of needs and will be prioritized for students requiring these provisions. Please contact our Accessability Centre to discuss your options.

Most of our rooms are for single occupancy, with the exception of a small number of twin rooms in Oadby. If you require alternative arrangements you may wish to consider Private Rented Sector accommodation. SULETS is the recommended lettings agency for University of Leicester students looking for private rented accommodation in Leicester city, and is jointly owned and run by the University of Leicester and De Montfort Students' Unions.

Room Contracts & Dates

If you decide to accept your room offer you will be sent a booking contract from our Accommodation Office. Please refer to this contract for the cost, duration, and other things that are or are not included in your booking. Depending on your room type your booking may end when your study programme does (catered), or it may continue until the end of the semester/ year (self-catered).

Orientation Programme

When you receive your offer please check the dates of your accommodation contract. If they do not match your intended duration of stay, please email the Accommodation Office immediately so that they dates of the contract can be amended. The Study Abroad Orientation Programme is expected to be held from the 24th - 26th September 2018. Our Airport Bus Service from Heathrow Airport will be on Saturday 22nd Septembery 2018.

Accommodation locations

There are two main locations for students to choose from, the Oadby Student Village and City Living.

Every evening my friends and I strolled through the beautiful gardens on our way to dinner. I would often sit on one of the many benches in 'my garden' to do homework or read a book. I loved that I could go from the quiet gardens of Oadby to the busy city centre, to the campus ...then take a quick train ride to London. The semester I spent in England was the best experience of my life, and I’ll never forget the memories or the friends I made there. Hannah Hesley, Oadby Student Village (Utah State University)

The Oadby Student Village

This location is popular with undergraduate students, and has a vibrant student lifestyle. Most, but not all, of the rooms are catered (meal plan). Often groups will organize hall focused activities and students are encouraged to participate. This is a great way to meet other students and make friends.

Halls in this location range from Edwardian houses to modern designs. The Oadby Botanical Garden is located next to the halls, and students are welcome to walk through on their way to class, or spend some time on the grounds studying.

If you prefer a quiet hall, we recommend that you write a note in the comments section of your application and request one of the 'houses' in Oadby Student Village.

Oadby is 30 minutes walk from the main campus. There is a large  supermarket, and local shops and cafes. Students choose to walk, bike, or take one of the many buses connecting the locations. The Arriva 80 bus route includes the Oadby Student Village, main campus, and the city centre. A large 24-hour secure underground bike store is located just in front of the Library. Other students prefer to walk.

City Living

Most of the City Living halls are self-catered, and students should include an extra budget for food costs. A large supermarket is located near most halls, and there are other shops and delis closer to the city centre. As these halls are located closer to the city centre, they are also within range of a variety of stores, restaurants, and pubs.

How to request a room booking

Information on how to apply for accommodation will be included in your Joining Instructions booklet. Students will not be able to apply for accommodation until they receive an unconditional study offer from the University. Students joining us for only one semester (Fall or Spring) must include their programme dates in the notes section of the accommodation form.

  • There are many different contract types available, we highly recommend that you select the 'Study Abroad' option for the most suitable length to match your programme dates.

Useful Links

  • Accommodation Office Website - See for more details about the type of accommodation and facilities available. Please be aware that costs and residence periods may be different for students on the Study Abroad Programme.
  • Browzer - The Accommodation Office's communication platform for news, events and tips for making the most of your experience.
  • Flickr site - with images of University of Leicester accommodation halls and rooms.

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"I had a great time participating in the Study Abroad Programme. Thanks for an unforgettable experience!" 

Lauren Yamaski, McMaster University, Canada

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