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EU referendum result: Incoming or outgoing students currently studying (or about to study in 2016-17) under the Erasmus+ programme are not affected by the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. Your immigration status will not change and you will continue to be eligible to receive Erasmus grant funding until at least as long as the UK remains a member of the EU. For the latest information, please visit:

The University runs a two-semester system. Erasmus students can visit for one semester, or a full academic year (this will be decided with your Home University). You can not take modules for part-semesters.

Please note the length of each semester (below) before applying for any Erasmus funding.

University Semesters


  • Semester I: 26 September - 20 January (4 months)

Students should aim to arrive on or before 19 September; Orientation will run from 20 to 23 September.

  • Semester II: 23 January - 22 June (5 months)

Students should aim to arrive on or before 17 January; Orientation will run from 18 to 20 January.


  • Semester I: 25 September 2017 to 17 January 2018 (4 months)
  • Semester II: 18 January 2018 to 8 June 2018 (5 months)

Attending Orientation is not compulsory but we do recommend that all students who can attend, do.

We will be offering a free Airport Pickup service details to follow

University Vacations

There are two main holiday periods during the academic year, prior to the exam sessions; the first in December and the second in April. There will be no classes during these breaks, although you may be given assignments. You must return to the University after the holiday period in order to take the examinations.


  • Christmas break: 10 December - 8 January
  • Easter break: 25 March - 30 April


  • Christmas break:  15 December 2017 - 8 January 2018
  • Easter break: 28 March 2018 - 30 April 2018


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