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Erasmus+: All Erasmus+ students are expected to sit exams.

Study Abroad: Study Abroad students coming for Semester 1 will be eligible for alternative assessments, except for those taking classes in Biological Science, Engineering, Geology and Maths students. Often there are similar classes in other departments that do not have these requirements, so please check our full class list for suitable alternatives.

All Semester 2 students are required to stay on campus for the May exams.

How to choose your module list

Classes/courses at the University of Leicester are called 'modules'. We do not recommend mixing modules from too many different departments or year levels as you are likely to encounter timetabling clashes.

Modules numbered in the 100s are first year courses, 200s second year and 300s, 400s, 500s are third (final) year courses. To register for a 300/400/500 level courses you must have a substantial background in the subject area.


Some modules are restricted to students majoring in that subject or have specific prerequisites. All modules are subject to availability and may change without notice. All departments reserve the right to refuse students' module choices on academic grounds and/or due to capacity of the module.


It is your responsibility to ensure that modules taken at Leicester can be taken as an accredited part of your degree programme, please check with your home university to ask if credit transfer is permitted.

Please choose up to 60 credits (30 ECTS) per semester, or 120 per year (60 ECTS) This is the maximum course load for which you will be registered.

If you are unable to do so please contact

Academic department information

  • Biological Sciences (BS): Students must apply for modules in the same year code (ex. 100, 200, 300) to avoid timetable clashes.
  • Engineering (EG): Engineering modules cannot be taken in conjunction with any other subject. Additionally, if you wish to take Engineering classes you must join us for a full year placement and modules may include mandatory exams. Taught modules only available.
  • Management (MN): Study Abroad students: Places for Management modules are under considerable demand and are limited. Students can submit a supporting statement with their application form if they wish via email. Erasmus+ students: Management modules are freely available to students from our Management-specific partners. All other students must inform the Erasmus+ Team that they wish to take Management modules. Their request will be considered by the School of Business, Management Division, on a case-by-case basis. Credit transfer: It is important that you contact us directly if you are hoping to transfer credits from this department in order to graduate from your home institution.
  • Natural Sciences: Natural Sciences is an interdisciplinary programme. Its modules run differently from the wider university; instead of two semesters, it runs over five blocks. Please keep this in mind before selecting Natural Sciences modules. Semester 2 modules will start on 6th January (2019/20).
  • Physics: Students should apply for modules in the same year code (ex. 100, 200, 300) to avoid timetable clashes. If necessary, students can ‘mix’ modules from years 3 and 4 only (ex. 300 and 400).
  • Translation: These modules are only available to native speakers of English, French, Spanish or Italian, as translation is taught between English and the other languages. Second and final-year modules (2000, 3000) require at least one year's experience in translation studies.

Online Module Application Form

Shortly after your acceptance you will be asked to fill out our online Module Application Form. We will then send the list directly to the relevant academic department, along with your transcript, so that they can consider your request.

If a department is not be able to approve a module request, we will try to place you with one of your alternative choices. We will be in touch with you through email if we require more alternatives.

You will be sent your personal provisional module list prior to your arrival. You will be able to fully confirm your module selection during Orientation Week.

If you have any questions, please email either the Study Abroad Team ( or the Erasmus Team (

Module Application Form


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