Claims Guidance


All incidents which may give rise to a claim should be notified immediately to the Insurance Office:

Tel: 0116 229 7630 or 7631

Mobile: 0796 156 4749 or 07875 443161

A relevant claim form will be issued for completion

You should take all reasonable steps to minimise any loss or damage and to recover any property which has been lost.

  • No admission, offer or promise of payment must be made without reference to the Insurance Office.
  • Any loss or damage caused by a criminal or malicious act should be reported to the Police immediately and a copy of their report obtained.
  • Please note that if items are lost/stolen whilst in the custody/control of the airline you must report this to them as soon as the loss is discovered.

A completed claim form will be required, a copy of your travel itinerary along with the following evidence of loss:-

Documentation to be provided (if applicable)

- Supporting documentation to substatuiate cancellation

- Medical certificate


- Medical confirmation

- Receipts for treatment and /or medication for illness or injury


- Copies of receipts for original item/s

- Estimate for replacement item/s

Document Actions

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Help and Support

Phone: 0116 229 7630


Emergency Contacts:

24/7 Security:

0116 252 2023

Sue Banbury

(Insurance Manager)

07961 564749

Carol Maguire

(Insurance Officer)

07875 443161

Need to make a claim

Please contact the insurance office should you need to make a claim.

Tel:  0116 229 7630 or 7631


Location: Astley Clarke Building, Main Campus.