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Please note that in accordance with the University's Financial Regulations, all staff and students are required to use the University's travel insurance policy when travelling abroad on University business.

Pure holiday cover cannot be provided, however holiday that is incidental to a business trip (i.e. less days than the number of business days) can be included under this policy.

This policy excludes travel within the U.K. (defined as England, Scotland, Wales, N.I. and the Isle of Man). Travel cover will apply for the Channel Islands.

Travel insurance requests should be submitted as soon as the travel bookings are made but at least 48 working hours prior to departure. For high risk destinations, we will require at least 5 working days notice.

The UK Government triggered the Brexit process on 29 March 2017, meaning that the UK is scheduled to leave at a date no later than 31 October 2019.  Please be aware that our travel policy has a standard policy exclusion for claims occurring as a result of regulations made by any public authority or government or persons with the authority under legislation or licence to make regulations. At this time we have no official guidance from our Insurers as to how this clause will be interpreted in respect of Brexit however if you are travelling on University business after this date we should advise that it is possible the insurance may not respond to a claim for cancellation, curtailment, rearrangement, replacement, missed departure or travel delay, as a result of Brexit legislation.  We will of course continue to review this with Insurers as negotiations continue.

PLEASE NOTE that medical expenses section of the policy will NOT apply if you are travelling to your country of nationality.

For travel to any of the following countries, a copy of the completed risk assessment (signed by Head of Department) MUST be forwarded to the Insurance Office BEFORE travel is booked.   Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Chad, Chechnya (Russia), Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, North Korea, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria , Crimea region of Ukraine and Yemen. If you plan to travel to any area where the FCO advise against ALL travel, you MUST contact the insurance office and Safety Services.  Staff risk assessment - Student risk assessment.

Although cover is provided for most pre-existing conditions, cover is excluded for any expenses incurred when travelling against the advice of a Qualified Medical Practitioner. Therefore cover will be fully operative providing you are not travelling against medical advice. You should also ensure that you take sufficient supplies of all medication for the duration of your trip. You should refer to the insurance office if you are in any doubt to the severity of your condition. Any expenses incurred for over the counter pharmacy treatments are excluded. Treatment which in any way arises from or is attributable to any Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection or related syndrome is excluded (unless contracted as a result of a blood transfusion or other medical treatment).

Cover is provided for all students free of charge, for travel that is a course requirement/option and is departmentally approved. The costs for this are met centrally by the University. It is imperative that an application is still made for the cover in order for this to be operative.

In respect of  staff travel, cover can be provided for their accompanying spouse/partner and/or children however a premium would be charged to the individual staff member for this benefit to apply.

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