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Motor Insurance Application Form

The cost of motor insurance for hire vehicles is £5.00 per day (or part of). Please note the department is responsible for the first £250 of any loss in respect of accidental damage, fire theft and windscreen claims which is increased to £500 if the driver is aged under 21 years of age or has not held a full licence for more than 12 months.

When hiring a vehicle you must arrange University insurance which can be done so by using the online application. (Currently if you hire from Enterprise we are notified automatically).

Vehicles driven under the University's insurance policy must be in connection with University business and not for departmental or student sporting or social activities.

To drive a hire vehicle for University business you must be an authorised driver.

The University has pre arranged agreements with hire firms: 

Enterpise Online Request
Ford Rental  Online Request  
Students Union 15 Seat Vehicle   

Details of hire rates can be obtained from the purchasing office website.

For ease of administration the University's insurance details have been logged with these companies, however the Insurance Office must also be advised separately to arrange insurance.

Inspection of Hire Vehicles

On some occasions the hirer may deliver the hire vehicle up to 24 hours prior to the agreed contract time. In no circumstances should this vehicle be used by the individual for personal use. Similarly at the end of the hire period the same conditions apply.

When taking delivery of a hire car you will be asked to sign a form accepting the vehicle. Drivers must inspect the vehicle prior to signing this, to ensure that any pre-existing damage to the vehicle is noted and recorded.

Once you have signed the acceptance form it will be assumed that any damage on the vehicle will have been caused by you and subsequently any repair costs will have to be met by the department/University.

Please also ensure that when returning a vehicle to hirer you obtain a signature from them with regard to the condition of the vehicle, otherwise you may be held responsible for damage that occurs when the vehicle has left your custody and control.

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Need to make a claim

Please contact the insurance office should you need to make a claim.

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