Policy Information and Claims Guidance

The University holds 21 different types of insurance policies covering a range of range required covers including property, liabilty, motor and travel.  

Some of the policies are detailed within these pages, however please do not hestiate to contact us should you require clarification on any issue.

Period of Insurance

Insurance policies are placed in line with the financial accounting cycle. 

The current period of insurance runs from 1st August to 31st July annually.

Duty of Disclosure

Under the terms of the various policies, we have a ‘duty of disclosure’ regarding any material facts which may affect the Insurer’s view of the risk or the premium charged. This obligation applies, not only from commencement, but throughout the period of all policies. Failure to disclose material facts can invalidate cover.

Our Insurers have assessed and accepted the risks at agreed premiums on the basis of the information provided to them. Any variation in these details, if not notified to them, could result in an uninsured loss.

Material facts would include, but are not limited to:

  • Motoring offences or pending prosecution and medical conditions
  • Changes to, or disconnection of, security or fire protection systems
  • Property which becomes vacant
  • Changes to business activities
  • Purchase of equipment with a significant value 

If you are in doubt as to what constitutes a material fact, please contact the Insurance Services Team or email insurance@le.ac.uk


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Help and Support

Phone: 0116 229 7630

Email: insurance@le.ac.uk

Emergency Contacts:

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0116 252 2023

Sue Banbury

(Insurance Manager)

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Carol Maguire

(Insurance Officer)

07875 443161

Need to make a claim

Please contact the insurance office should you need to make a claim.

Tel:  0116 229 7630 or 7631





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