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The University has recently completed a major revision of its Information Security Policy in order to ensure that it meets the increasingly more stringent requirements for protecting information and to give assurance to staff, students, and others about whom we hold personal data, that their information is being held securely and processed in an appropriate manner.

Online LearningThe need to comply with the policy cannot be overstated.  You will be aware from reports in the media of a number of cases where organisations have failed to meet these requirements.  The recent losses of laptops and memory sticks by public bodies have led to these institutions being fined up to £100,000 which is a relatively minor penalty compared with the resulting loss of reputation.  For a university, failure to manage information properly could be hugely damaging.

All staff have a responsibility to ensure that information that they hold and use is handled appropriately.  However, making staff aware of University Information Security policies and what they mean for them is a challenge. To help, the newly formed Information Assurance Services (IAS), in collaboration with several other universities, have worked with a commercial company to produce engaging, university specific, online training for all staff. 

It is essential that all staff complete the online training. 

How long will the training take?

All Staff

It will only take about 45 minutes to complete and this can be done in several smaller stages if preferred.  To be able to demonstrate to regulatory bodies that the training has been undertaken by staff a record of completion will be retained in personnel records.


For Researchers, with their more specialised requirements, there will be a supplementary 15 minute training module.

Accessing the training

Log into Blackboard using your University IT Account Name and Password. 

On the right hand side click on ‘Information Security Awareness Training’.

All Staff should take the main module - 45 minutes

In addition Researchers and Research Administrators should also take the researcher module - 15 minutes

It is a mandatory requirement for all staff to complete this training.  Once you have completed the course please ensure that you click the ‘Confirmation of Completion’ option in Blackboard.  Although you will be presented with an option to confirm completion within the training itself when all topics have been finished in one session, this does not currently link to your staff record so it’s important that you confirm completion via the Blackboard option or you will not be recorded as having completed the training.

If the training is not showing up in your list of courses, or if you have any feedback about the training course or information security matters more generally please contact Information Assurance Services: Tel 0116 229 7945, email

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