Information Security Policy

The objective of University Information Security Policy is to ensure that all information and information systems, on which the University depends, are adequately protected. Achieving this largely depends on staff and students working diligently in accordance with policy guidelines.

The University Information Security Policy sets out requirements and recommendations, relating to how:

  • Confidential information must be protected from unauthorised access.
  • The integrity of information and information systems must be protected.
  • Appropriate measures must be taken to manage risks to the availability of information.
  • The University must ensure compliance with laws and the terms of contracts.

Failure to comply with University Policy may lead to disciplinary action.

Strategic Policy

Policy A-Z  


Compliance Policy   ISP-S3
Cryptography Policy   ISP-S16
Information Asset Protection Policy   ISP-S2
Information Handling Policy   ISP-S7
Information Security Policy   ISP-S1
Mobile Computing Policy   ISP-S14
Network Management Policy   ISP-S12
Operations Policy for IT Service Providers   ISP-S6
Outsourcing and Third Party Access Policy   ISP-S4
Personnel Policy   ISP-S5
ResNet Acceptable Use Policy   ISP-S17
Software Management Policy   ISP-S13
System Management Policy   ISP-S11
System Planning Policy   ISP-S10
Teleworking Policy   ISP-S15
Use of Computers Policy   ISP-S9
User Management Policy   ISP-S8

Implementation Details

Policy A-Z  


Building Security   ISP-I1
Computer Account Passwords   ISP-I9
Cryptography Implementation   ISP-I7
Guide to Information Legislation   ISP-I5
Information Asset Security Measures   ISP-I8
Institutional IT Usage Monitoring and Access   ISP-I6
Managing Information Asset Security   ISP-I4
Payment Card Security   ISP-I10
Reporting Information Security Incidents   ISP-I3
Reporting Software Faults   ISP-I2

Software Regulations

Allowing off-site access to the Shared Departmental X: drive






Other Relevant University Policies

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Policy for Selection & Use of Cloud Services  




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