ProbationA probation period enables members of staff to demonstrate they can meet the expectations of their role.  It allows both line managers and members of staff a period of time to objectively assess whether or not a member of staff is suitable for the position they have been appointed to when taking into account the individual's overall capability, skills, performance and general conduct in relation to their role.

The probationary period for all academics is 3 years.  All other staff have a probationary period of 6 months.  The Probation Ordinance Policy and Procedure outline how performance will be managed during probation (up to 12 months' service).

Please see below for links to the various Probation documents available:

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Probation - Ordinance Policy (PDF, 120KB)
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Probation - Ordinance Procedure (PDF, 235KB)

Word Probation Form A1 (Academic staff on T&R contracts) - (DOCX, 39KB)
Word Probation Form A2 (Academic staff on TD contracts) - (DOCX, 40KB)
Word Probation Form B (HoDs - for all academic staff) - (DOCX, 41KB)

Word Probation Form (Non-Academic staff) (DOCX, 37 KB)

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