Occupational Health

The role of Occupational Health is to meet, confidentially, with a member of staff, and based on the medical evidence, to provide recommendations (in the form of a written report) to the University about the staff member’s health.

A member of staff may be referred to Occupational Health where a line manager is concerned about the staff member’s attendance, performance and/or behaviour, even if the member of staff has not taken time off work.

The University normally requires staff to attend Occupational Health appointments so that medical evidence can be appropriately obtained and communicated to the University for consideration.  The recommendations made by Occupational Health will be considered by line managers but may not be implemented in all cases, if the University considers it not to be reasonable in consideration of the working environment or operational requirements.

To utlise the service, line managers must complete an Occupational Health Referral Form and forward this to HR.

You can find out more about the Occupational Health Team and its services by following the relevant link at the end of this page.  A guidance document has also been produced offering further information, which can be accessed using the appropriate link below. 

About the Occupational Health Team and Service
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Employee Guidance - Occupational Health (PDF, 208KB)
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Manager Guidance - Occupational Health (PDF, 438KB)
Word Occupational Health Referral Form (DOCX, 37KB) - log in required

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