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New requests

Requests for honorary titles must be made on the honorary title application form (Word DOCX, 25 KB) and submitted to the designated e-mail address for the area in which the honorary title will be hosted, as detailed below:

College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology
College of Science and Engineering
College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
Non-college areas

In addition, the University will seek a reference for all clinical applicants (consultant or equivalent) from the NHS Trust in which they are employed, or their designated body, to ensure they are in good standing with both their professional, statutory and/or regulatory body, together with their employing organisation, to ensure it is supportive of any application.

All clinical applicants employed by an NHS Trust will be expected to have discussed their application with their Clinical Director and Medical Director.

The College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology will check the professional registration of clinical/clinically-associate appointments on-line, to confirm validity, and will record details of this check.


On a quarterly basis, each department will be notified of the honorary titles they host, which are due to expire in the forthcoming three months.  They will be asked to advise if the title is to end on the specified date or to submit an application to extend those which they would like to continue. 

Extension requests musts be accompanied by the following documents:

  • completed honorary title application form (Word DOCX, 25KB);
  • a summary report, outlining the activity undertaken since the title was awarded/last renewed (including information such as participation in research projects, grant bids, publication outputs, etc) and the proposed future contributions.  The report should be a maximum of two sides of A4, with a font no smaller than size twelve;
  • a supporting departmental case (no longer than one side of A4, with a font size no smaller than size twelve).


Applications, including renewals, will be reviewed by committees in each respective college/area, which will meet up to four times a year.  Each committee may choose to invite other parties, to take part in the decision making process, as and when appropriate.  Committees will also receive a report of those titles awarded for the preceding period.

Cases for promotion will only be considered once per year and separate arrangements will usually apply for such cases.  All decisions made by college/area committees in respect of the title of Honorary Professor will be subject to ratification by the Provost.

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