Honorary Titles


The University may confer an honorary title to a visitor or collaborator from another institution or organisation, in order to recognise a significant, regular contribution being made on an unpaid basis to the work of the University by someone who is not a member of staff.

Departments wishing to apply for honorary titles are invited to read important information that they will need, and details of the obligations and privileges that title holders will have.

Individuals are not precluded from applying and making a case for the award of an honorary title where an internal host/sponsor has not been identified, but they must be able to clearly demonstrate a specific, unpaid contribution to the University.

Other information in this section:


An honorary title may be conferred to an individual in recognition of their contribution, or equivalence of standing to that expected of the grade in question.  Particular emphasis is placed on ‘equivalence' - there is a clear recognition that this may extend beyond conventional academic criteria, in order to embrace the NHS, industry, commerce, and the public and/or voluntary sector.  Applicants/Departments are encouraged to reference the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Leicester Academic Career Map (450 KB) and criteria, in this regard.

Honorary titles cannot be awarded to existing members of staff at the University.  Members of staff leaving the University, who will continue to actively collaborate with the University in their new role elsewhere, may be considered for an honorary title.

Colleagues are urged to be pro-active in encouraging individuals who have links and collaboration with the University to apply for the award of an honorary title that is reflective of their contribution.

General visitors

Individuals who require access to some of the University's facilities (such as an IT account or a library card), but do not meet the criteria for the award of an honorary title, can usually be accommodated in other ways.  You may find the links below serve as helpful 'sign-posts':

The Division of Estates and Facilities Management should also be notified of any visitors for insurance purposes.


The four principal reasons for awarding an honorary title are:

  1. Building professional relationships and collaborations with other organisations or, in some instances, with an individual.
  2. Making a significant contribution to research.
  3. Making a significant contribution to teaching under-graduate and/or post-graduate students.
  4. Making a significant contribution to the University's work in relation to enterprise, innovation and leadership.

Evidence that individuals will contribute to at least one of the above criteria must be demonstrated in applications.

All honorary title holders will be 'hosted' by one specific department, therefore, an individual who holds an honorary title in one department of the University cannot hold an honorary title in another department, but may work simultaneously in association or affiliation with any other area of the University.

For the avoidance of doubt, an honorary title does not constitute a contract of employment.

Titles available

 Further details are available regarding how to make an application.

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