Annual Leave

HolidaysFor full-time staff working continuously throughout the year, the entitlement is 24 days annual leave.

Members of staff working part-time continuously throughout the year will receive a pro rata of the entitlement.  Periods of unpaid leave, other than non-working periods for staff with term-time only contracts, may not count towards the calculation of annual leave entitlement. Please contact HR if you need further details.

Staff not working continuously throughout the year receive annual leave entitlement calculated as a proportion of the standard 24 days.

Members of staff who work less than 52 weeks per year should not normally take leave during their working weeks but will receive an entitlement on a proportionate basis, calculated using the base for continuous working.

In addition, there are a number of public holidays and a further number of working days in each year which are allocated by the University as closure days around the Christmas and Easter periods - details of these are published on our website and updated regularly.  The University reserves the right to reallocate some of the closure days (normally those assigned to the Christmas period) immediately after the New Year in order to effect a coherent closure period over Christmas and New Year. 

During the first year of service, full-time members of staff accrue leave in proportion to completed calendar months of service (ie no leave is awarded for any part months worked).  In the event of staff leaving the University’s employment, leave is calculated proportionately for each calendar month of service completed in the current leave year.  Where a member of staff has taken leave in excess of the pro rata entitlement at the time of leaving, the University has the right to make an equivalent deduction from any salary, wages or other sums due to the member of staff.

The University expects that members of staff will take their annual leave entitlement during the leave year, which runs from 1 January to 31 December.

Members of staff must agree leave dates in advance with their Head of Department/Division (or nominated departmental co-ordinator) and comply with local procedures to maintain annual leave records.  Annual leave will normally be taken during vacation periods but may be taken at other times subject to the needs of the services being provided.  Although there is no automatic right, staff may, subject to agreement with their line manager, carry up to 5 days annual leave entitlement over to the following leave year.

The University’s policy is not to make payments in lieu of holiday entitlement at the end of employment and staff should ensure that any holiday entitlement due is taken prior to that date.

Details of Public Holidays and University Closure Days
Guidance for Calculating Leave Entitlement for Part-time Staff

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