Academic Study Leave

Please note that there some changes have been made to the University's Academic Study Leave Policy (March 2014) to include guidance for members of staff on teaching-dominant contracts.  The Application Form has also been updated.  Links to the latest versions of the documents are available at the end of this page.

The University of Leicester is a research intensive institution. As such, it encourages all academic staff, including those on teaching-dominant contracts, to utilise the university-wide study leave scheme in order to further its record of independent, high-calibre research.

The University expects that all academics will proactively engage in high-quality research as a continuous activity during their employment, in order to generate a culture of exceptional, research-led teaching.  Therefore, undertaking research and generating outputs must not solely depend on being granted a period (or periods) of Academic Study Leave.

Academic Study Leave is a valuable non-contractual benefit and demonstrates the University’s support for, and commitment to, ongoing innovative and meaningful research work.

How do I apply?

Eligible members of staff should apply through their relevant HR Business Partner on the standard Academic Study Leave Application Form.  In making an application, colleagues must describe the purpose of the leave and list the intended outcomes.  Failure to do so is likely to result in the application being returned to the applicant.  Notes on page 2 of the form provide additional information about completion.

Heads of Department should comment on the research proposal and indicate whether or not it is supported.  They should also comment on the potential resource implications of leave being granted.  It is envisaged that, in most cases, departments will be able to accommodate the period of leave without the supply of additional resources.  In the cases where this is not so, applications should be made to the CSLC in respect of any resourcing requests.  Heads of Department must also ensure that no more than 25% of academic staff are on Academic Study Leave (including Special Study Leave) in any given semester, and a Study Leave Grid must be submitted with each application.

The completed form should then be sent to the relevant HR Business Partner, and will be considered by the next College Study Leave Committee (CSLC), which meets 5 times per year.

Members of staff are asked to ensure that the forms are received by the relevant HR Business Partner at least 2 weeks prior to meetings of the CSLC.  The details of meetings, and deadlines for submissions, will be available from the relevant HR Business Partner.

Reporting outputs from a period of Academic Study Leave (including Special Study Leave)

Each member of staff granted a period of leave is required to complete an Academic Study Leave Output Report, giving an account of what has been achieved during the period of leave.  Notes on page 2 of the form provide additional information about completion.

This needs to be submitted via your Head of Department, who will append their comments, before forwarding to the relevant HR Business Partner, for onward consideration by the CSLC.

Report forms must be submitted within three months of the end of the period of leave.  Failure to do this means that time will not start to run in respect of eligibility for a subsequent period of leave until such time as the report is submitted.

Members of staff are asked to ensure that an acknowledgement of the support given by the University in granting them Academic Study Leave (or Special Study Leave) be included in any publications arising from the period of leave.  The report should indicate whether or not such acknowledgement has been made.

Further guidance is available from links to a number of documents including the full policy and procedure - see below.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Academic Study Leave Policy (PDF, 236KB)
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Academic Study Leave Procedure (PDF, 253KB)
Word Application Form for Academic Study Leave (DOCX, 43KB)
Word Departmental Grid to accompany Academic Study Leave applications (DOCX, 36KB)
Word Academic Study Leave Ouput Report Form (DOCX, 36KB)

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