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Addendum: 03/04/2017

Over the last year, there have been changes in the University Governance and Committee Structure.  Many of the processes that were administered centrally within the University have now been devolved to the Colleges, and some of the Committee titles have altered as a result.  This addendum is intended to act as a helpful guide when reading the University’s Ordinances, Policies and Procedures.

The devolvement has also meant that roles such as the Chairs of the central committees no longer exist.  These responsibilities have, therefore, been reassigned, as appropriate, and are detailed in the table below.

Groups/posts referred to that are no longer in existenceReplaced by
Chair of Staff Management Group Head of College, or nominated representative
Chair of Staffing Policy Committee Provost
Staff Management Group College Staffing Committee
Staffing Policy Committee University Staffing Committee
Director of College Administration Director of Operations
Senior PVC (Resources) Provost
Registrar and Secretary Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
Staff Counselling Staff support details available through Occupational Health
Reader/Senior Lecturer May also be known as Associate Professor


This section of our website aims to provide guidance for members of staff and managers with any employment-related events or activities that might occur whilst working at the University.

All of HR's policies and procedures are located in related groups, as well as in a Policies and Procedures index.  A full HR A-Z Index is also available.

If there are any policies or procedures not shown, which would be useful for colleagues to access from the HR website, please contact HR.

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