Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation (JE) is a disciplined system of determining the relative importance and value of different jobs within an organisation.  You can find out more about JE in this section of our website.

  • JE Overview
    JE provides an objective means of comparing jobs against one another within an organisation, which engenders fairness within its grading structure so that any previously "in-built" structural inequality (perceived or actual) is removed.
  • Framework Agreement
    The Framework Agreement provided the basis for the Leicester Joint Agreement and the Leicester Manual and Ancillary Agreement, which changed the terms and conditions of staff in relation to pay and grading.
  • Job Families and Role Profiles
    Job families summarise the main features of roles which are similar in character; in a sense they describe related groups of jobs.
  • Job Summary Forms
    The Job Summary Form (JSF) is designed to provide an overview of a role, rather than large amounts of detailed information.
  • Community and Operational
    Roles in this job family are concerned with operating and running the facilities of the university.
  • Management and Administration
    Roles in this family are engaged in management and/or the provision of specialist and/or administrative support services to University staff and students and sometimes to the wider public.
  • Teaching and Research
    Roles in this family are wholly or mainly focused upon the delivery of research and/or teaching.  This is the job family in which academic roles reside.
  • Technical and Experimental
    Roles in this family provide technical and/or scientific support across the University and to knowledge application activities and external organisations.
  • Regrading Jobs
    Find out how roles are regraded at the University.
  • Role of the Head of Department
    Heads of department are academic leaders in their disciplines and work to deliver University strategic objectives.

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