Merit Awards and Promotions

A Message from the Provost - 03/11/16

Dear Colleagues,

Concerns have been raised by heads and applicants about two aspects of the transition between our former and new promotion processes.  As you know, we will be doing a short review next year, but some things are best amended now, to ensure that everyone is confident about the robustness and fairness of the process.

One issue is the use of Part B of the Performance Development Discussion Form, which some feel does not adequately replace a CV.  It may also not function effectively for external assessors.  Accordingly, anyone applying for promotion to Associate Professor (Grade 9) or Professor (Grade 10) should include a curriculum vitae (not exceeding six sides of A4), together with a list of publications, with their application, if they wish to do so.  They can include, but do not have to include their Part B form.  The two-page summary statement should be submitted by all applicants.

Another issue is the status of advice and feedback given to former applicants in the letters, explaining the panel’s decision.  In the past, there was a strong sense in which anyone applying again had to meet a specific requirement or requirements.  Members of the panel have had a virtual discussion around this, and it is our view that the advice and feedback should be taken into account by the applicant in their application, and by the head in their discussions with applicants and evaluation of applications.  The feedback was given in good faith, and reflected real issues or weaknesses in the previous application.  Where it has been addressed, that can be demonstrated; where it has not, that can be noted and, if necessary, explained.  Certainly, the ways in which applicants can demonstrate contributions and achievements have changed, so I have asked heads to not feel entirely constrained by the advice contained in earlier feedback letters in assessing whether or not a case has merit this year.  The panels will take the same approach.

Professor Mark Peel,

Promotions processes are currently under review - further details will be published as soon as they become available.

Annual Review

The University normally undertakes an Annual Review to reward staff performance by means of merit awards and promotions.

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